Types of containers

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Use:  Dry Cargo, non-perishable
Standard data:  A 20-foot container can hold up to 23,000 kg of product, as long as its own volume allows."

Recomendations:  Especially in food, not to exceed 22,000 kg of net cargo. In its doors the details of the container; Code and ID Number are found.

High Cube - HC

Use:   Dry Cargo
It differs from traditional 40 feet high container by its height; giving it more volume capacity but not more weight.

Open Top - OP

Use:  Suitable for heavy loads, such as certain machinery, marble, glass, wood, etc.

Bulk - BLK

Use:  Designed for cargo in bulk. Suitable for chemicals, fertilizers, some types of Flour, Sugar, Salt, Plastic Materials in lumps, etc.

Flat - Plataformas Plegables - FLT

Use:  Loads hard to handle, Metal Coils, Cables, Heavy Vehicles, Wood, Special Machinery, etc.

Open Side - OS

Use:  Suitable for cargo of volume that cannot be loaded through conventional doors.

Reefer - RF

Use:  For transporting perishable products such as vegetables, fruits, meats, etc.

Reefer High Cube - RH

Use:  Similar to normal Reefer, but has greater volume capacity, but not weight.

Iso Tank - ISO

Use:  Designed for transporting liquid substances from hazardous chemicals such as toxic, corrosive, highly flammable as well as oils, milk, beer, wine, mineral water, etc.